2 Teach is 2 Touch lives 4 Ever!



Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another!


        Heritage International School's recognized by the Ministry Of Education in Cambodia. Most of the Cambodian staff are working during the day and attending university at night. The Head Teachers are all from other countries, and they are teaching along with the Cambodians.


          Providing children with a code of conduct and a set of values gives them a basis for acting and making decision as they grow older.


      When children are well cared for physically, supported emotionally, and taught positive social skills and values. These children are not simply better able to adapt to society, but they also make society better.

 Our Mission

       HIS is committed to help parents to raise their children to be respectful, ethical, morally conscientious citizens, and to be proud of who they are! It is because of this commitment, that we strive to provide an excellent and affordable education. These children will be leaders and the important part of the future of Cambodia and our World.

      HIS offers an international and national curriculums and taught by experienced International and national teachers along with the Cambodian assistants.

      HIS is also committed to train Cambodians staff to be an excellent human resource for their country.


Our Vision

      Heritage International School (HIS) wishes to see Cambodians helping Cambodians. With this vision, we need qualified and passionate teachers to teach, so that the students will be well equipped to give back to their country.

      There are many Cambodians who received quality of education, both abroad and in Country. Their education and experiences would be a great influence on the younger generation of their home country.They can help to improve the quality of life in Cambodia by passing on the education they were fortunate to receive.


       It is vital to teach students what's right, good, and how to be effective citizens who love and care for their country. How can they be effective and caring citizens? They need to experience care, so they can grow to be confident leaders and care for their country and countrymen.

       The next generation of leaders and influential people, both in the city and in the remote areas, need the necessary tools to aid them in continuing the effort to develop Cambodia, which can be accomplished through the best education.




Our Location:

HIS is located in the middle of the city and the business center

Location #1: House 62, Street 322, Tel: (023) 224 179
(Lower Elementary and Pre-School)

Location #2: House 24, Str. 352, Tel: (023) 222 890
(Upper Elementary)
Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh

Mailing address:

Heritage International School
P.O. Box: 2558
Phnom Penh Cambodia

at: Heritagecam@gmail.com

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The first advanced civilizations in present-day Cambodia appeared in the 1st millennium AD. During the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries, the Indianised states of Funan and Chenla coalesced in what is now present-day Cambodia and southwestern Vietnam. These states, which are assumed by most scholars to have been Khmer,[5] had close relations with China and Thailand...